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Eventuri was founded by a team of engineers and car enthusiasts with a background in Aeronautics and Tuning. After being disappointed with the performance gains of other aftermarket intakes for their vehicles, they decided to take things into their own hands and rewrite the book, setting a new benchmark in intake design and technology while engineering systems that provide real gains and publish genuine figures.



Eventuri intake systems are extensively developed using cutting-edge design, testing, and prototyping methods to offer a more efficient flow path to the engine in comparison to the OEM system.

With a focus on performance, each design undergoes CFD analysis and is then validated at the prototype stage through volumetric airflow, intake temperature and extensive dynamometer testing. Each system features Eventuri’s Patented Venturi Housing concept to facilitate airflow and reduce drag of the system.

Only the best materials are selected for each component, to ensure that the quality of the product is second to none.

Eventuri Intakes


Eventuri invested months of intense R&D in developing turbo inlets/ tubes & chargepipes that leave no room for compromise and are the perfect addition to their intake system

These additional products are designed to enhance flow volume and provide further performance gains that vary for each vehicle.

Turbo Inlets/Tubes Available for F90 M5, Audi RS3, AMG A35, Honda Type R.

Chargepipes Available for F8X M3/M4

Eventuri Turbo Inlet


Eventuri have developed an additional part for our intake to give you that extra edge on track. The headlamp duct replaces the OEM headlamp and seals against the intake for a true RAM-AIR configuration with a direct cold air feed to the filter.

Tested on track at speeds over 190mph, Eventuri ensured the advantage of the air feed outweighs any additional drag for a net gain in track times. The headlamp duct allows for the most direct cold air feed possible and significantly helps to reduce heat soak keeping track times consistent.

Available for the Audi RS3 & Toyota GR Supra.

Eventuri Headlamp


The Eventuri E9X M3 Carbon Fibre Plenum is made from 100% high grade prepreg carbon including the internal trumpets and is replaces the stock plastic version to unleash the roar of the naturally aspirated BMW V8 engine.

Although there isn’t a performance gain from the carbon plenum, the induction sound generated takes the driving experience of the M3 to a whole new level. The raw V8 rumble gives the M3 an almost CSL like sound, achieving unbelievable induction volume and tone.

Available for the BMW E9X M3

Eventuri Carbon Plenum


Your vehicle deserves an engine bay that looks as good as it performs. With OEM engine covers leaving a lot of room for aesthetic enhancement, Eventuri redesigned the engine cover for numerous vehicles to provide truly attractive looks that transform the engine bay.

Crafted from prepreg carbon fibre, Eventuri engine covers are design to be a direct replacement for the OEM cover and to complement the carbon fibre aesthetic of the Eventuri intake, available separately.

Eventuri Engine Cover


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