The AWE Tuning A6 3.0T Touring Edition Exhaust is something special. When the A6 and A7 came out, it would have been simple to re-purpose the A7 system for the A6. But after sound evaluations, we decided… it didn’t work.

So back to the drawing board we went to create a bespoke Audi A6 system that would produce acoustics perfect for the A6. This is a one-of-a-kind A6 system.

AWE Tuning Audi A6 3.0T Exhaust Suite Highlights:

  • Specially engineered for the A6 -- this is not a re-purposed A7 system
  • Featuring AWE Tuning 180 Technology™
  • Max power gains of 12 hp and 11 ft-lbs of torque at the crank
  • Peak power gains of 10 hp and 3 ft-lbs of torque at the crank
  • Resonated Downpipes available independently
  • Does not affect or alter emissions devices, completely street legal
  • No Check Engine Light Guarantee
  • Lifetime Exhaust Warranty

The Touring Edition Exhaust

The AWE Tuning Audi A6 Touring Edition Exhaust System comes in a dual outlet configuration, featuring 102mm slash cut tips on each side of the vehicle, designed to work with the factory rear valance. The tips are double walled to ensure a mirror finish even under hard usage. Each tip is individually adjustable, so stagger and depth into bumper can be set according to personal taste.

Sound Perfection: AWE Tuning 180 Technology™

The tone that was accomplished for the A6 is due in part to AWE Tuning’s 180 Technology™.

As exhaust gases exit the 3.0T engine and flow into an AWE Tuning 180 Technology™ equipped resonator, they pass through strategically located ports, and into reflection chambers. Sound waves, carried by these exhaust gasses, bounce off the walls of the reflection chambers. By controlling the size and location of the ports and the chambers, we also control when the sound waves exit the chambers. The specific timing of when the reflected sound waves re-join the main exhaust flow creates a one-hundred-and-eighty-degree out-of-phase sound wave that cancels out problematic frequencies. More on AWE Tuning 180 Technology in the tab above.

The Resonated Downpipes

The AWE Tuning Resonated Downpipes feature resonators larger than the stock units in order to produce a mellow sound volume. Our Resonated Downpipes feature larger than stock tubing diameter. Bonus.

Downpipe installation tip:

Installing downpipes on these cars is arduous given the placement of the factory bolts. We had so much trouble that we made an AWE Tuning-grade tool to make it easier. If you're planning an install, our Downpipe Removal Tool is a must have.


What’s in the box?

The AWE Tuning A6 3.0T Touring Edition Exhaust includes two tips in the selected finish, all necessary hardware, under chassis brace spacers, aluminum collars, wrench, Accu-Seal, and T-Bolt clamps.

You’ve got questions? We’ve got answers.02 91146886 or


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Download Installation Instructions: Installing the AWE Tuning A6 3.0T Touring Edition Exhaust System

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