Redstar Exhaust

Redstar Exhaust, established in 2011, has cultivated a team of dedicated performance enthusiasts who specialize in crafting the finest downpipes and custom exhaust components. What sets Redstar apart from its competitors is its unwavering commitment to perfection, cutting-edge manufacturing, industry-leading quality, and real passion for their work and cars. Each Redstar product is meticulously handcrafted, CNC-machined, and precisely welded at their state-of-the-art facility in Eastern Europe, infusing it with a unique essence and soul.

As the official Australian importer and distributor for Redstar Exhaust, Scuderia Autoart provides Australian customers with unparalleled access to the finest bespoke automotive aftermarket downpipes and exhaust systems available.



Experience the power and performance you've been craving with the finest downpipes in the market from Redstar Exhaust. Meticulously crafted using top-quality stainless steel and advanced manufacturing techniques, these downpipes offer unrivalled performance gains, with precise fitment, and unmatched quality. Standing out from the competition, Redstar Exhaust use the best catalysts available in the world today for their products, these being HJS and Gesi Catalysts.

Designed to maximize exhaust flow, Redstar Downpipes reduce backpressure and turbo lag while improving throttle response and overall engine performance. With their seamless integration into your vehicle's exhaust system, these downpipes ensure hassle-free installation and a perfect fit. Redstar has precisely designed and engineered a wide range of applications, select your vehicle from the product finder below to find the bespoke Redstar options for your vehicle and elevate your driving experience and your car’s performance to a whole new level.

Redstar Downpipes


Redstar sets itself apart by utilizing the world's finest catalysts, ensuring exceptional performance and emissions compliance for their downpipes by partnering with industry-leading manufacturers such as HJS and Gesi.

Redstar use the top-of-the-line 200cpsi HD series catalysts from HJS for most applications, offering ultra-high strength and durability with technology derived from motorsport for optimal performance. Manufactured in Germany by the most reputed motorsport and tuning converters manufacturer, the HJS HD 200cpsi Ultra High-Performance Catalytic Converters used by Redstar come with triple foil winding and brazing stripe that locks the core into the shell, being extremely robust converters and allowing drivers to achieve flow numbers close to straight pipes while meeting strict Euro 5/6 emissions standards. For customers seeking to extract ultimate performance with less emission compliance, HJS Motorsport 100cell Catalytic Converters are available on request.

As part of their industry-leading technology, Redstar also implement Gesi Catalysts for optimal performance to pollution reduction balance. Manufactured in Canada, Redstar implement the best Gesi catalysts available for their applications. Ranked as the best converters in performance to pollution reduction and withstanding temperatures up to 925°C, the G-Sport GEN2 400cpsi Catalytic Converters feature an S-wound metal core, proprietary coating, and are EPA Compliant for vehicles from 2017 onwards. Also available are the G-Sport GEN1 300cpsi UHO Catalytic Converters, renowned for durability and high flow, and being EPA Compliant for OBD1/OBD2 vehicles up to 2016 models. Rated up to 850HP per converter, they eliminate the gas smell, pass emissions tests, and offer increased strength and temperature tolerance, while ensuring optimal performance and compliance for Redstar's downpipes.

Redstar Downpipes


In addition to its industry-leading downpipe technology, Redstar provides complete exhaust systems for select applications for performance builds and enthusiasts seeking to extract more power and sound from their vehicle. The complete exhaust systems offered by Redstar implement the company’s leading technology and manufacturing through the entire system, offering further performance gains and perfect harmony for the gases flowing out of the engine for enhanced sound. These systems offer a complete solution for ultimate performance gains and enhanced sound, as Redstar expands its range for selected applications with a transfer of the company’s quality and heritage proven in other exhaust components, also exclusively available through Scuderia Autoart.

Redstar Complete Exhaust Systems


Redstar's commitment to excellence extends beyond the catalysts themselves. Inspired by racing cars, Redstar transferred Heat-Shielding to the tuning industry and made it available as an option in OEM style and quality with a ceramic inner liner for any Redstar product. Different to conventional thermal wraps or ceramic coatings with low effectiveness and durability, Heat-Shielding has become a signature Redstar thermal management feature that reduces radiant heat from the exhaust pipes up to 70-80%, being another game-changing feature.

Redstar Heat-shielded Downpipes


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