STOCK = 495, 510, 550, 575BHP ----> TUNED = 605BHP

STOCK = 461, 502, 517FT/LBS ----> TUNED = 542FT/LBS

Setting the standard in ECU Tuning for the modern Jaguar, VelocityAP's custom setup was developed and tested in a dyno setting and then road tested to ensure not just big peak numbers but optimum drive-ability and seamless factory integration by our in-house engineer Chris Edgett. Chris boasts over 15 years as a factory trained Jaguar/Land Rover Technician and knows these cars inside and out.

Our software has now been applied to literally thousands of vehicles, with a conservative estimate of nearly 10,000,000 miles driven by our customers.

Jaguar's AJ133 5.0l Supercharged engine is a powerful unit, but more HP is always good!!! Jaguar's Project 7 & SVR already offer more power from the factory, we build upon this to achieve safe and tested gains. Our Crank Pulley and upper Supercharger Pulley both adds additional power, and can be fitted individually or in combination.

Dyno tested, developed and proven on 93 Octane Pump fuel and within a very safe AFR Range.

SKU VEL-14320
Brand Velocity AP
Shipping Weight 0.9072kg
Shipping Width 0.102m
Shipping Height 0.102m
Shipping Length 0.203m
Type variation
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