STOCK = 675BHP ----> TUNED = 767BHP

+62WHP (80BHP)
+68WTQ (81.6ft/lbs)

Faster than a P1? VelocityAP's proprietary ECU Tuning for McLaren 675LT was developed over the course of 2 full days of development testing. Both AWD dyno and street driving were used to tune the car, not just for peak HP and torque gains, but also for driveability and seamless integration. Our tuning includes enabling both throttle and brake operation at the same time. This allows the car to be driven with left-foot braking techniques, as well as to "˜brake-boost' the car when rolling " spooling the turbos while holding the car on the brake. This is perfect for roll-on drag racing as it totally eliminates turbo lag.

Despite being one of the highest performers in the McLaren stable there was still a lot of power left on the table from this twin-turbo V8. Our software produced gains of 62WHP and 68WTQ, from a baseline of 539WHP on an AWD Mustang Dyno. This car was fitted with sport catalysts and exhaust, so was likely making 700BHP at the crank on our stock runs, for a conversion factor of 1.2987 (1.2987 x 538WHP = 700BHP)

Post-tuning the car posted figures of 591WHP, for final figures right around 767BHP at the crank.

Our Dyno sheets show a small dip at the top end. On the dyno, the fan-blown air flow was not quite sufficient and intake air temperatures consistently showed a small timing pull. During extensive road testing and datalogging the same conditions were not met, so will not be present in real-world driving conditions.


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