NOVITEC for Maserati MC20

NOVITEC refines the Maserati MC20


For decades, NOVITEC has been one of the most globally renowned refinement specialists for the world’s most exclusive cars. In addition to Ferrari, Lamborghini, McLaren and Tesla, the German company focuses on the Maserati brand. NOVITEC now also offers exclusive options for the new MC20 mid-engined sports car.

The company’s product range for the twin-turbo V6 features engine tuning to 523 kW / 711 hp and 818 Nm peak torque, and high-performance exhaust systems that culminate in a superlight INCONEL variant with 999 fine gold plating. 

NOVITEC designers employ naked-carbon aerodynamic-enhancement components, hi-tech forged wheels with diameters up to 21 inches and sport springs to make the thrilling appearance of the two-seater even more spectacular. NOVITEC also tailors every detail in the cockpit to the personal wishes of the customer by request.

Available exclusively and officially through Scuderia Autoart and its dealer network.

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