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KW DDC - Plug & Play coilovers inox Ford Focus RS Type DYB, DYB-RS...

The Plug & Play solution for VW models, whichhave a standard electronic damperadjustment.
KW also offers youthe opportunity utilize the OEM factory interior damper controls ofyour sports car to control the KW DDC Plug & Play coilovers.Applications are available for: VW Scirocco, VW Golf IV, VW Passat,BMW 3-series and other models.

The best part is: Except for the replacement of the adaptivefactory OEM suspension with the KW DDC Plug & Play coilovers, thereare no further conversion steps or even modifications of the stockwiring. The KW DDC Plug & Play coilover simply plug into thefactory plugs for the adaptive suspension. The user is able toselect the different settings with their factory interior controlsof their vehicle.

Ideal integration of an OEM factorycontrols with the advantages of an adaptive KW coiloverkit.
Our suspension technology iscompatible with the electronics of various automobilemanufacturers. The adaptive KW DDC Plug & Play coilover kit isrecognized by the factory onboard electronics. All displays andcontrol elements of your vehicle remain fully functional with theadvantages of adaptive damping. The stainless steel constructionprovides additional protection and durability against the elements,salt and dirt. Height adjustability is retained from our unique useof materials for construction.

- the Plug & Play solution for increased handling or morecomfort
- compatible with the factory OEM suspension control
- vehicle-specific damper setups such as Comfort / Normal /Sport
- operation via factory interior controls

ManufacturerModelTypeDetailsBodyYearLowering FALowering RAWeight FAWeight RA
FordFocusDYB2.3 RS AWD - Petrol - 257kw - 2261ccmHatchback03/2016-30-5025-55-1070-1040
2=Height adjustable front and rear axles (front axle threaded strut housings, rear axle adjustable springs + dampers) - 55=Only for vehicles which have electronic dampers

SKU 39030001
Brand KW

KW Automotive Warranty

Effective January 1, 2011. Supersedes all previous terms, policies, and agreements. Not withstanding applicable Australian Law.

KW Suspensions
  • Street Coilovers , Variant 1, Variant 2, Variant 3, Street Comfort and Club Sport Coilovers; 2 Yr/Unlimited Kilometre Warranty.
  • Hydraulic Lift Systems (HLS), Dynamic Lift Control (DLC), Dynamic Damper Control (DDC); 2 Yr/Unlimited Kilometre Warranty.
  • Bushings, Bump stops and Ball Joints; 1Yr/Unlimited Kilometre Warranty.
  • Competition Suspension, 2 and 3 way Race Coilovers; No Warranty.
Warranty Conditions and Limitations
This warranty is NOT TRANSFERRABLE and is limited to Australia. This warranty does not apply to any article not purchased through authorised KW Automotive Australia/Scuderia Autoart Pty Ltd dealers.
This warranty does not apply to:
  • Any articles that show signs of abuse, collision or improper installation.
  • OEM Equipment; Private label items produced by KW automotive (warranty is carried by the private label company unless otherwise specified). Any parts that are installed in vehicles that are used for race purposes, operated commercially, or used in off road conditions.
  • Any parts that have been sold with "No Warranty" designation on the original invoice.
  • Any parts that have been modified or altered in any way from its original configuration.
  • Any parts that have been:
    • Installed improperly.
    • Used out of its published operating range or outside KW tested force ranges, i.e.
      • Used in conjunction with non Non-KW Automotive Australia/Scuderia Autoart Pty ltd approved Air Bag kits, sway bars, springs, control arms etc...
      • Excessively lowered or raised vehicles.

Please see your Dealer or contact us for further warranty claim information

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