GiroDisc Releases Toyota GR Yaris 2-piece Floating Rotors

Without a doubt, the Toyota GR Yaris is one of the hottest cars that money can buy right now. Now, GiroDisc has released their industry-leading 2-piece floating rotors to offer the 3-litre hot hatch the perfect brake rotors upgrade.

As the GR Yaris is the new project car for many, GiroDisc has developed a bespoke brake rotors upgrade as a direct replacement for the OEM disc with no modifications necessary.

The Girodisc front rotors are approx. 10kg each, this reduction in rotational and unsprung weight allows for quicker acceleration and suspension response.

The rotor utilizes a curved vane design, developed in racing to act as a centrifugal pump to force cooling air through the disc.

The central hat section of the rotor is made from strictly U.S. sourced 6061-T6 aircraft specification aluminium. The disc is made from GiroDisc's own proprietary cast iron, poured in the USA and machined from start to finish in house.