Akrapovič Doubles Up for the Audi S3

Akrapovič has added to its collection of performance exhausts for the Audi range of cars by launching a brand-new Evolution Line (Titanium) system in two configurations designed to fit the Audi S3 (8Y) Sportback and Sedan/Saloon.

Constructed using lightweight race-proven materials, the Evolution Line (Titanium) has a titanium muffler and link pipe section, and it is finished with four newly designed, hand-crafted, carbon-fibre tailpipes for an appearance in keeping with the vehicle’s sporting nature. The use of lightweight materials and innovative design has created a system that is over 41% lighter in comparison to the standard stock system of the Audi S3.

The Evolution Line (Titanium) has been produced with a single valve – which has a housing cast in Akrapovič’s own foundry – fitted outside the muffler. This design feature with perfect gas flow allows the sound to be tailored to deliver an Akrapovič aural effect. This creates a smooth, rich sound at normal cruising, with a deep and sporty tone when driving the Audi S3 more dynamically. When installed, the Evolution Line (Titanium) delivers enhanced power, with an increase of 4 kW (5.4 hp) at 4,350 rpm and a torque gain of 8.8 Nm at 3,900 rpm. These figures were measured on the Akrapovič dyno when tested against an Audi S3 with a standard stock exhaust.

The Evolution Line (Titanium) for the Audi S3 (8Y) Sportback and Sedan/Saloon needs no remapping, giving it a plug-and-play capability. It also has an ECE type approval certificate, which is valid for cars equipped with an OPF.